Electrician Glendora CA

Electrician Glendora CA

Ethical Electrical is serving homeowners and business in the Upland CA area.  Master Electrician Dominic Portesi is a top electrician in the Inland Empire.  His specialty is in recessed lighting design and implementation.  Just take a few moments to view this video created giving you all the reasons why you should invest in Recessed Lighting for your home or business.

There are many things to consider for implementing your recessed lighting.  Design is just one of the few factors to consider.  Recessed lights are great, but be sure to add other types of lighting too.  A room can look too stark with just recessed lights alone.

Recessed lights are naturally focus on their beam of downward light.  But this can also cause facial shadows when they’re located in a bathroom.  So you may have an unappealing facial shadow.  Bathroom lighting can be complemented if the recessed lights are balanced and light minimize those shadows.

In the video below Dominic will give you the technical reasons why recessed lighting can really give your kitchen a new uplift and make your kitchen look brilliant again.  Your cabinets will shine and look better.  You will be able to work more efficiently too.  Light on your kitchen cooking will help you see what you have been missing.  Maybe you will experience less eye too.

Other things to consider in recessed lighting, don’t locate recessed lights too far from walls.  If the lights are located too far from the wall and the beam angle doesn’t meet the wall it can make a room darker and cave-like because of the darker walls.  Dominic Portesi Electrician serving Glendora CA can answer all your questions about this type of lighting.  He truly knows all the technical aspects of this type of lighting.  Electrician Glendora CA